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VEirdo INtroduction

Where your weird is your superpower

We're not about fitting in. We're about owning your crazy, loud, unapologetically you. Forget mainstream allergies, we thrive on it. Monotony? More like a playground for reinvention. Every blank wall's a canvas, every hallway a runway

Veirdo is your antidote to the mundane. We're streetwear for the next generation, the generation that turns curiosity into fire, imagination into fuel. We're the vocal minority, the square pegs in the round world, redefining cool with every eccentric move

This isn't just a brand, it's a declaration. It's a canvas for the ballsy, the main characters, the ones who paint their own damn masterpiece. So join the tribe, unleash your inner weirdo, and make every damn day unskippable

Be you. Be Veirdo


Often, a person who does things differently or lives their life in a way that isn't conventional is termed as "weirdo". Truth be told, a weirdo is simply someone open to exploring their life on their terms and not worried about fitting in the box load of norms.

What's normal to one may not be normal to another. Every human being is weird in their way, and we are all about embracing that inner weirdness with style! We thought, what can be a better medium to express the inner weirdness, if not by the clothes that we wear?

5 years of creating trends
We don't believe in following fashion norms, we've been defying and re-inventing them for years!
The Veirdo fam
Meet the 200+ Veirdo crew, rewriting the fashion rulebook one eye-catching print at a time
3 million happy customers and counting
We break the internet (but not our style game). Join Veirdo’s ever-growing community now. Follow us on

Unparalleled prints, out-of-the-ordinary styles, head-turning graphics? Veirdo's like your wardrobe on fleek

Veirdo's where your weird meets affordable drip. Slay the crowd, not your bank account