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What's Story behind
Term "Veirdo"

Often, a person who does things differently or lives their life in a way that isn't conventional is termed as "weirdo". Truth be told, a weirdo is simply someone open to exploring their life on their terms and not worried about fitting in the box load of norms.

What's normal to one may not be normal to another. Every human being is weird in their way, and we are all about embracing that inner weirdness with style! We thought, what can be a better medium to express the inner weirdness, if not by the clothes that we wear?

We found our brainchild, and it was time to put it into reality. Since we want our apparels to stand out like the sassy weirdos, we focused on creating designs that are hard to miss and print on things that are hard to resist!

What Makes
us Veirdo?

Fitting in? What’s that?

Taking control of your own life and letting your clothes speak for you? Now that’s what we’re talking about! They can call us eccentric.

They can call us misfit. They call us whatever they want. We know that we are free-spirited, and we are embracing it with grace and style. We want every trendsetter to hop on the board and seize the opportunity to bring out their inner element and let it speak with their fashion! Walk into a room and own it, because you are just being you with the clothes you wear.


Manufacturing & Production

With our manufacturing unit, we create large-scale demand for sustainable materials and circular solutions. Our long-term approach translates into strong support towards innovations and makes them scalable while driving increased transparency throughout the value chain.

We always strive to offer a wide range of up-to-the-minute styles, inspiring design-driven by creativity. With a wide range of fashionable apparels, we want you to be the boss of your style and make heads turn with the way you carry it. 

Why Veirdo?

We refuse to be just another brand of apparels. Veirdo intends to provide a product line as unique as its name and a plan that creates standards to set new trends at unbeatable prices!

Our brand fabricates gorgeous, stylish and hands-down creative clothing for all the Veirdos who want to stand out of the crowd.

Made from the heart, our product designs have the sole focus of making every wearer go "damn!" when they look at themselves. Funny, cool, quirky, stylish, trendy. You name it, we have it! So go on, shop from our jaw-dropping collection and


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of creating trends so far


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